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About Academia Maps

Academia Maps provides traditional classroom maps for great American classrooms.  Relying upon fifteen years of experience as leading online map and globe retailers, 1-World, LLC launched Academia Maps in 2012, publishing a line of politically up-to-date maps for the classroom, with stunning colors and crisp cartography.  Expert cartographers have used world-wide resources to acquire the most current and reliable geographic data to produce world class maps for the modern American classroom.  Every map is printed and mounted in the U.S.A.

The Great American Classroom

It is an exciting time to be a teacher.  Keeping up with technological advances and trying to learn along with students as those advances take giant leaps forward presents special challenges.  Most teachers embrace modern technology and are eager to prepare their students for the future. 

While racing to prepare students for the digital age, it is wise to consider the importance of holding some traditions.  A teacher may still want a student to “come up to the blackboard” and work out a math problem, even though the calculator on the students slick new laptop would solve the problem instantly.  Of course, the interactive whiteboard makes it unnecessary to rise from one’s seat, but the teacher may have another reason for asking that particular student to stand in front of the class, facing their peers, giving everyone a chance to give their attention fully to the student presenter.

Classrooms should not become computer study halls, but should continue to provide an atmosphere that supports each student, giving them a comfortable setting in which to develop social skills and a sense of belonging.  Familiar classroom fixtures help foster the sense of traditional learning, without interfering with technological advancement.  A symbiotic relationship between tradition and innovation brings a modern school into the future while holding the standard and tradition of the Great American Classroom.

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